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Bright Brussels 2018

Bright Brussels is a light festival, a fascinating route through the city consisting of a dozen light installations that are artistic, interactive, playful,… and simply captivating. Bright Brussels is a free event that is open to all from 18:30 to 23:00, for four nights from 22 to 25 February.

For this edition, a massive, must-see installation is hanging in the extraordinary setting that is the Citroen garage on place de l’Yser/IJzerplein. The route then stretches over the historical heart of the city through the Beguinage – Dixmude and Dansaert neighbourhoods, from Sainctelette to Sainte-Catherine/Sint-Katelijne. Come and (re-)discover these neighbourhoods’ rich architectural heritage thanks to the magic of light!

TETRO (FR) + Whitevoid (DE) – Stalactite

At the heart of the majestic structure of the Citroen building, with its clean lines, is an enormous suspended structure, floating above the visitors. It generates light motifs and complex shapes to the rhythm of the electronic music of Boris Divider. This artistic light display by Christopher Bauder is called Stalactite. It offers an immersive experience of the madness of the 21st century.

Venue: Former Citroen garage

OCUBO and Telmo Ribeiro (PT) – Underlight

‘Underlight’ is a simulation of the aurora borealis. It combines coloured lasers, smoke machines and the wind to create lighting effects. These form a coloured curtain with the accompaniment of haunting music to plunge the audience into a splendid sound and light show.

Venue: Quai du Commerce and Parc du Quai a la Houille

Aerosculpture (FR) – Lumiere d’eau (Light in water)

What becomes of the basins of our fountains when winter robs them of their water? Are they filled to the brim with other, highly illuminated wavelengths, in the hope that a school of flying fishes will be attracted by the light and come to take possession of their banks? This is the story told by the installation ‘Lumiere d’eau’ with its moving, glittering lights spread over the surface of the basin and about a hundred lighter-than-air fish, caught by invisible hooks, that are lit by the colours of this imaginary water to offer us a thousand reflections moving and swirling in the wind.

Venue: Vismet, Fontaine Anspach

Estudio Sergio Ramos (ES) – Triple jet

This installation reminds us of the need to recover the identity of our cities by valuing their diversity and plurality. ‘Triple jet’ uses a strong symbol with an internationally recognised graphic identity, the Mannekenn Pis, who has landed in a public place as the main protagonist of a new urban landscape.

Venue: Institut Pacheco

OCUBO (PT) – Flower Power

‘Flower Power’ is an experimental immersive video mapping show. It is based on experimentation with the physical forces of water and gravity. It explores the aesthetic of one of the most beautiful and colourful phenomena in nature, flowers. Inspired by the colour, movement and fusion of these phenomena, the project transforms the everyday image of a flower into something magical and poetical.

Venue: Place du Beguinage

Tetro and Trafik (FR) – 160

‘160’ is an interactive sound and light installation that offers an intuitive instrument for exploring representation, projection and the relationship in space of shapes, colours and sound. It consists of 20 square arches, each containing eight lit segments. 160 light strips are deployed over the 60 m of the structure.

Venue: Vismet

Mathilde Lemesle (FR) – Aux fenetres de Bruxelles – Appel d’air (At the windows of Brussels – Drawing in air)

‘At the windows of Brussels – Drawing in air’ is a light installation created for the 2018 Bright Brussels Festival. This exterior video mapping show is located on the facade of a house and plays with the features of that setting. Lighting effects are a way for visitors to rediscover the many sides of places.

Venue: Rue du Nom de Jesus

Dolus and Dolus (FR): Stratum

‘Stratum’ is an interactive installation that uses gesture to influence a ‘lit area’. Running one’s hand over a capture interface reproduces it in space using layers of light. This reaction generates a visible and tangible reflection of the gesture, like an ephemeral geology of movement.

Venue: Rue du Marche aux Porcs

Collectif Coin (FR) – Child Hood

‘Child Hood’ is a cloud. Comprising a multitude of luminous balloons, it hovers between numerical minimalism and a monumental kinetic installation. It invades space. The wind rushes in between the balloons. Like the ultimate interpreter, it injects a note of chaos into a finely measured sound and light composition.

Venue: Place du Nouveau Marche aux Grains

THEORIZ (FR) – Crystallized

‘CRYSTALLIZED’ is an immersive sculpture composed of steel, sounds and holographic images. Inspired by Bismuth crystal and built according to the laws of light propagation, CRYSTALLIZED is a mysterious, ever-changing sculpture that goes from atoms to liquid-crystal. The audience is drawn to appreciate the infinite, hypnotising lighting effects of the work from its different perspectives.

Venue: Former Atelier Coppens

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