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32 Seasons in Seattle

32 Seasons in Seattle

Seattle, Washington, USA.

For some reason, there are times when I lose interest in photographing the city where I live. This month will make eight years in Seattle — the longest time I’ve lived in one place (second place is now Stavanger, Norway at five years; third place is Minneapolis at four years).

I don’t know whether it’s lack of motivation, personal mood swings, exhaustion from constantly trying to find new vantages, new atmospheres…new anything for the sake (or attempt) of originality. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these things. I just know it happens on occasion, usually in the first months of each year.

Nevertheless, as my father has observed ever since I was a child, I always rebound fairly quickly whenever I succumb to a funk. It’s perplexing how the cure for my lack of inspiration is often the same as the cause. As long as I can still grab my gear and get an open view, this saga in cityscape photography will continue.


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