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All’s Well & Swell in this City Called “KL”!

All’s Well & Swell in this City Called “KL”!

. . .and extremely humid too, but undeniably gorgeous at night!

Enjoy this view of the Malaysian capital from the top of Menara KL (“KL Tower”), where tripods are allowed! If you’re willing to pay a few more ringgit (the local currency) upon admission, you can ascend to the outdoor observation deck that used to be exclusively reserved for those who engaged in bungee jumping from the tower. (Yikes!!!) Security guards were stationed along the outdoor deck, which was very sensible given how easy it appeared to climb over the glass boundaries in spite of their height.

This image was taken on my first night in KL (that’s “Kuala Lumpur”, just to make sure that’s covered) and what a stunning scene it was for my introduction to the latest city to be featured in my portfolio! These are the moments I live for as a photographer.

My galleries for KL will soon be available on my official website. I have posted a few others on my Facebook business site.

Currently reviewing, assessing, and selecting the best 40 out of 2,000! This procedure is always the most time-consuming and aggravating activity when it comes to my passion in life, even though I do enjoy the challenge each and every time. ;o)

I will inevitably have to do the same for Singapore and Sydney as well.

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