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An indescribable experience on the Limmat

An indescribable experience on the Limmat

Two weeks ago I spent the day in Zürich. The sun showed itself from its best side, so that I could make a few wonderful photos including also the sunset over Zürich. But that very special event took place on this river called „Limmat“.

Imagine … here is held every year at this season a fun swimming. It is called the „Samichlausschwimmen“ in Swiss German and I would say it means something like „Santa Claus Swimming“ 🙂 Well, about 330 people dared at temperatures of 6 degrees (water) and 3 degrees (air) to take a swim in the river Limmat. And unlike last year, this time no snow fell ;-))

And there they stood all the swimmer and waited for their turn to jump into this river. Some of them even dressed up as Santa Claus and jumped with a loud „Ho ho ho!“ into the cold water, only to emerge with a cry (I think this water was very cold this year) (lol). It was really a magnificent spectacle 🙂

Well, maybe you want to see how this event looked like? That’s why I have posted two additional images! To see them just klick on the link below to show all comments. I have posted the two images in the first two comments. I hope you like it 🙂

I want to thank all very much for your "views", "Comments" and "Favourites" 🙂 The only thing that matters is that you have joy in this photo. Again, thank you 🙂

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