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French Journal Day 41 (Travel Diary Day 121)

(travel blog – strange-lands.com/daily/2012/11/13/bordeaux/)

Deadly animals, small and large, stalk most parts of the world looking for prey, except in England, the least dangerous place in the world. Rachel and I saw a fox once while walking to work at 5:00am. It was one of my best days.

Today, one of the deadliest creatures of all, a poisonous spider sat on the wall of our temporary French home. I stood strong and protected my woman!

Grabbing a glass, I captured the beast, and trapped it by covering the glass with cardboard. I looked into its eyes. He looked into mine. Rachel could feel the tension. She was surfing the net, trying to look calm. I knew she was terrified really.

The beast was so big it had a facial expression – its face said ‘You’re dead, hairy man’. I had other ideas. I walked carefully down the step that separates the kitchen and the corridor. I’d fallen over that step hours before, scraping my knee. I haven’t fallen over like that in years. My pride was dented. But not now, I was pretty darn brave.

How did I know it was poisonous? It was a born-survivor’s intuition. Some of us experienced wildlife folk know these things.

I released the animal into the wild and returned to the kitchen. Rachel asked ‘Where’s the spider?’ She looked relieved. ‘It’s in the garden,’ I replied. ‘Where’s the glass’ she enquired. ‘Also in the garden’ I confessed. ‘And the cardboard’s in the garden, too?’ ‘Yep.’

Why would I drop the spider only for it to go for my jugular seconds later? Instead I placed the glass on the floor and calmly ran away.

Travelling can be hazardous, especially in countries where there are so many predators.

Today’s Photo – Bordeaux

Bordeaux was hectic. Tourists and traffic buzzed about everywhere. I couldn’t take a photo of the marvelous architecture without people wandering into the frame. Instead, I contented myself with ducking behind this hedge and cutting out the distractions.

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