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Bright Lights, Bigger City….

Bright Lights, Bigger City....

Now Friday’s cool
But there’s sumthin’ about Saturday night
You can’t say what you won’t do
‘Cause you know that you just might
I’m alive this evening
It was love at first sight
This Saturday
And every Saturday for the rest of my life
And everyone standin’ in line
Yeah lookin’ good and lookin’ for a real good time
So i’ll never have to wonder if
I’ll have someone to share all of this with

And it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright…
Bright lights and the big city
It belongs to us tonight

by Cee-Lo Green

…so this song was blaring in my head as i was shooting this long exposure shot of the view of the city looking north towards John Hancock building…a big thank you a friend a fellow flickr fanatic Dan aka as Undun, for letting me have access to this awesome view in East Randolph…there is also one of the coolest pool houses i’ve seen just behind me which i will post later…check out Undun’s flickr stream to see this cool pool…anyway, the foreground reflection is courtesy of the stainless steel wrap of the ledge of this building…this is the 7th floor of this building and i had to carefully get my camera over the rails, set it on the ledge and fired the shot to get this one…just below me is the East Lake Shore Park, another hidden gem in the city as not a lot people know of this wonderful little park…would love to shoot this park this fall when the trees change colors…enjoy your Sunday guys…will be out with friends tonight to see the band Chicago out in Ravinia….pls. View On Black

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