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By River Limmat No. 1

By River Limmat No. 1

Zurich, Switzerland
October 2013.

Starting with this post and over the next 4 weeks, I will be sharing photos from my work trip to Zurich in mid October 2013. It was meant to be a short work trip and I was thankful to have been able to do some photography as well.

I was in Basel for work and had the privilege of a brief but wonderful meet up with fellow Flickr photographer, Patrick Möhl. He does fabulous work and if you get a chance, do visit his photostream:

For those keen to check out the EXIF information, do note that I did not adjust my camera’s date/time information. Hence, the dates/times reflect Singapore time and not Zurich time.

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A high resolution image is available. If you wish to buy or license my image, please contact me by email: [email protected]

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