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city sunset fair

city sunset fair

This photo shows the city of Hamburg and its tri-anual fair "Hamburger Dom". This photo was shot in High-Res Mode on an Olympus E-M1 Mark II and consists of 4 stitched photos, resulting in a total resolution of just over 200 Megapixels.
However, because the gain in details was so insignificant, I downsampled it to about 115 Megapixels.

You can see the 115 Megapixel version here: www.gigapan.com/gigapans/204255

Shooting the image did not work out perfectly. First of all I had to composite the sun, because the picture just before the sun set wasn’t having great light (only in the sky but not on the fair) and just after sunset the fair was great, but the rest of the light wasn’t stunning. Together this makes for a beautiful image though.

Another challenge: The building I was shooting out has thick windows that can only be tilted, not fully opened – and 10cm infront of that another security window. This means I have to deal with a lot of reflections. I did my best to mitigate this by using a black cover behind the camera, but this could not get rid of reflections coming from strong light sources that bounced between the two windows. Still I am really satisfied with this image.

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