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Dark City.

Dark City.

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This is a long exposure of a scene that I just recently took a time lapse of. Instead of just taking a still from the Time Lapse, I shot some long exposure shot before I started. What’s funny about this day was that it was that it was nice and sunny on the way to the scene. But by the time I set up and started to shoot it become completely overcast and I thought there would be little to no IR present. To my surprise I was wrong.

Anyhow here’s the shot. If you are interested in seeing the time lapse, which is in Black & White, click Here: |Dark City Vol.1| Best Viewed in 720p

About the Photo:
Canon 350D (Full Spectrum)
Aperture: f16
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 30
Focal Length: 17mm (x1.4)

Equipment: Manfrotto 055CX, 410 Jr. Gear Head, ND400x, RC-1 remote.

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