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Hari Merdeka – Independence Day – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hari Merdeka - Independence Day - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

31 Minutes to go till the Malayan independence day (Hari Merdeka) is celebrated in Kuala Lumpur.
It has been a while since that day but I can honestly tell you I haven’t been much happier in my life than on this day. For me as a german it is sometimes a bit hard to be proud of my country because of what has happened in the past.
So as I attended the Hari Merdeka festival in Kuala Lumpur I saw all these people being proud of having their own country, free’d of a large empire under which they have lived for quite a while. It was more than overwhelming to see how all these people identify with their country and I nearly cried as all of them sang the national anthem in one voice.

Furthermore I want to give you a small thought on an interesting topic. Whilst you read have a listen to my favourit song. It is from the band: IMAGINE DRAGONS:

Imaging Dragons – Radioactive

For me as a western boy who lives a high standard of life and is able to travel the world , meet people and see places it is more than important to appreciate it. Actually the reason why “we” are rich is that there are some people in the world who have nearly nothing. When I spoke to people in Asia and told them where I travel and what I do they told me it is their dream to go abroad once. As these people earn approximately 50 US$ a month they would need two years to save for a flight to Europe or America without having bought something to live. As you can imagine it is impossible for over a billion Asians to ever visit “us”. So if you ever have the chance to give something back, do it and remember the jeans or the shirt you wear would be at least five times more expensive if it would have been produced by you and not an asian dude!.

Just a little thought in a laaaarge world.

So far thanks guys for your nice words, and friendship. I appreciate it and am thankful that with your like, comment or whatever I am able to do what I really love!



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