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Insidious Dimensions

Insidious Dimensions

I think this is about as dark as my photography has ever gotten for the Dark City Deutschland collection, but I like to experiment and push boundaries; comfort zones are for the uninitiated! This is a skyward LE of the commercial Novotel Tiergarten Hotel in Berlin, taken on a dreary late night and a very light drizzle was present, hence the few drops on the lens, which at first I was objecting to, but Vera, my sexy partner in crime, said it made for an interesting feature within the image so I kept it.

I look at this and I think of dark alternative / parallel dimensions, a co-existence of sinister parameters where all is devoid of recognisable life, yet, all things are consciousness in the darker and more evil sense, if you ever have seen the movie Event Horizon you’ll know what I mean; for another words, the building itself is a "living" entity, perhaps even demonic.

So on that delightful and cheery note, I hope everyone is well and so as always, thank you! 🙂

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