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Keep Blazin’ Your Own Trail

Keep Blazin’ Your Own Trail

March 17th was my fifth anniversary of moving to Seattle from the “other Washington” (D.C.). It’s now the longest time I’ve lived in one place. Previously, it was Stavanger, Norway for my secondary school (high school) years.

Living in Seattle has made it possible to improve my own quality of life and start my own small, photography business. I would not have known this five years ago, so I’m grateful to the city, as well as my family and friends, especially for the encouragement and support to continue the photography in the economic times we’ve all encountered together.

It’s been quite a journey in Seattle, and much more fast-paced than other places I’ve lived, such as New York City and D.C. This is a bit of an oddity only because the cities of the U.S. west coast are supposedly more relaxed and " laid back" in nature, but it’s been an extremely rapid five years, in my experience, but a very memorable and positive five years nevertheless.

This photo of Seattle was taken on the evening of my 5th anniversary, concluding the day doing what I love to do most in life.

The journey continues. . .


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