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Kyrenia Rainbow

Kyrenia Rainbow

Rainbow over the old town of Kyrenia, Cyprus, after a very intense thunderstorm, some of the remaining drops can be seen as trails under the rainbow. Taken from the terrace of the guesthouse where I stayed for the night. I was delighted by the view at the time, my room was one floor below, with the same view, strong wi-fi connection, all at less than $20USD per night.
Too good to be true?
Of course it was.
See that photogenic minaret? See the loudspeakers attached to it? They blast the loudest and most distorted call to prayer (in the late evening, as well as 4:00 in the morning) that I have ever heard in my life (I’m sure they can hear it even from the Syrian coast). AND it lasts for almost 30 minutes. Why is that necessary in the digital age I wonder?? The beautiful stone building below the minaret was a hotel when the island was united, it’s not surprising no one sleeps there anymore.

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