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Nightwalk [Explored June 25th, 2013!]

Nightwalk [Explored June 25th, 2013!]

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Another shot from the Rotterdam photowalk last year. I wasn’t entirely sure about whether to upload it, but seemed to be a break from the India shots…a bit of a palate cleanser 😉
The reason why I’m reluctant is that it was quite dark and I didn’t have my tripod. So this was taken handheld with a relatively high ISO. The processing entailed a huge amount of noise reduction ultimately culminating in the lower sharpness and details.
This is a part of the Rotterdam skyline.

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Some people who’s work I admire are tagged in this picture. Please visit their stream!

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Shot details:
3 subsequent bracketed handheld shots using: Canon 7D; Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5,

Post processing:
1. Lightroom for initial fixups,
2. Merged in Photomatix
3. Post processed (colors, sharpness and so forth) in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6
4. Finally did a little more processing (vignetting and temp and so forth again in Lightroom)

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