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Osaka Sunset

Osaka Sunset

Today I took another look of my Japan album inside my Aperture library.
Was an awesome trip and I lost such great times like those, I really need to do a great travel again, maybe this time in California … I don’t know 🙂

Anyway, here I was at the top of the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, it’s such a great place to capture photos when the sun get down.

Oh … I almost forgot … I know that we are on Flickr but I do love participating in photo-walks events, and here in Rome are not very frequents so, I thought that would be nice to share that to my Flickr contacts as well …

This Saturday (May 17th 2014) will be the world day of Instagram photo walks and I’ll go for capture some photos of the city where I live for then share it with you guys.
If you are in Rome as well as I am in that date keep an eye on this meetup event page.

Happy week-days!

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