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Rialto Bridge – Venice

Rialto Bridge - Venice

The Rialto Bridge is the most famous of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal. In this area, which originally housed the food market, there has always been a canal crossing, at first, a simple bridge of boats, and later a real wooden bridge, made from two inclined ramps with a mobile section in the middle, in order to allow the passage of ships.
The current Rialto Bridge, a stone arch, was constructed under the supervision of Antonio da Ponte, between 1588 and 1591. The construction was made difficult by the conditions of instability and by the height of the sea bottom. The structure, very similar in style to the previous wooden bridge, is formed by two inclined ramps, with shops on each side, covered by a portico.

Back from Venice. Classic Rialto Bridge shot during blue hour.
Perfect weather during the day lead to clear skies at the end of the day.

Technical Details;
Camera; Canon EOS 1Ds mkIII
Lens; Canon 70-200m/m 2.8L IS USM
Exposure; 30 sec
Aperture; f16
Filter; none
Tripod; Gitzo 3541L
Ballhead; RRS BH-55 with B2 AS II clamp

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