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Singapore – Bishan Park

Singapore - Bishan Park

Bishan park is currently undergoing construction work to develop it’s original concrete canal to a natural river.

Singapore Government is currently having a plan to connect all the parks together and Bishan park is one of it.

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Designer of the park is Atelier Dreiseitl.
about Atelier Dreiseitl. taken from www.dreiseitl.net/index.php?id=518&lang=en

Atelier Dreiseitl was formed in 1980 by Herbert Dreiseitl with a goal to promote sustainable projects with a high aesthetic and social value. The Atelier is a multidisciplinary practice specialized in integrating art, urban hydrology, environmental engineering and landscape architecture within an urban context. With a particular focus on water, one of the most essential and threatened natural resources on the planet, the practice seeks to awaken a new understanding of sustainability while implementing comprehensive design solutions.

The scope of the practice’s work includes integrated sustainable and stormwater design for urban parks, urban plazas, water features, swimming pools, water playgrounds, external and internal water features and housing developments from master planning through to construction supervision. Atelier Dreiseitl has more than 25 years of experience in technical water systems, including rainwater harvesting, storage, treatment and reuse, retention and infiltration techniques, grey and black water systems, heat exchange and climatization using water, natural water treatment systems, water flow patterns, green roofs, water proofing and water feature detailing. We have internationally led and participated in community design workshops.

In an in-house workshop, the practice builds scale models up to 1:1 to test water behaviour and detailing of proposed water features. As well as being committed to constantly striving to improve water technology and best management practice, the Atelier prides itself on multidisciplinary interaction within and without the practice, and its experience and success with working in joint ventures with other professionals.

About BishanPark
taken from www.nparks.gov.sg

This beautiful park, with its lakes and bridges, colourful shrubs and lush greenery, is one of the largest and most popular parks in Singapore. Divided into two plots, Pond Gardens (formerly Bishan Park 1) and River Plains (formerly Bishan Park 2), Bishan Park caters to park users of all ages with exciting features, including community gardens, a landmark viewpoint with a sculpture (entitled, An Enclosure for a Swing), three exciting playgrounds (each with its own a distinctive theme), and a River Promenade.
One of the main highlights of the park is the naturalised, meandering river that transforms into a flood plain during stormy weather. Restored and reshaped from a concretised canal, the river will bring park users closer to the water to enjoy its serenity and beauty.
The meandering river and the new facilities are products of the joint collaboration between NParks and PUB, under the latter Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme. For more details, please refer to the following press release.

Facilities Available
Shelters, Restroom / Toilets with or without shower facilities, Playground, Garden spa, Foot reflexology footpath, Fitness corner/ stations & fitness equipment/ exercise station, Food & beverage area/ restaurant/ cafe, Dog run corner

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