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Singapore in black and white

Singapore in black and white

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Travel Diary Day 22
(Travel Blog – strange-lands.com/daily/2012/08/03/an-old-war-office/)

These past few days in Kuta have done wonders for my energy level. Despite passing most of my days by the pool working, I feel recharged. I’ve been swimming twice a day too and getting up early.

We’ll be moving onto Padang Bai soon. I’ll finally get some use out of my camera. Apart from a few photos on the beach the other day, I haven’t touched it – it just doesn’t feel right.

It suddenly dawned on me today how soon we’ll be returning to England. In 18 days we’ll be back on British shores. Once I’ve bought a car I’ll be squeezing every last second out of my time there to take pictures of the north-east region. I may even venture up to Scotland at some point.

The 6 moths we’ve spent here have passed us by far quicker than we’d imagined. Before we know it we’ll be beginning our French adventure. But there’s a small matter of a wedding before that.

Today’s Photo –
This is singapore and a rare black and white photo from me.

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