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Sunrise Grand Canal – Venice

Sunrise Grand Canal - Venice

Taken from the Rialto Bridge at sunrise. During the day zillions of people around the bridge, but before and at sunrise hardly anyone there. I stood here before 5:30, but light got really intense when the first rays of sunlight were hiting the buildings on the right. Long exposure to smoothen out the water.

Technical Details;
Camera; Canon EOS 1Ds mkIII
Lens; Canon 70-200m/m 2.8L IS USM
Exposure; 30 sec
Aperture; f16
Filter; Sing-Ray Vari-ND + Lee Hard Edge 0.6 Grad
Tripod; Gitzo 3541L
Ballhead; RRS BH-55 with B2 AS II clamp

Image is under Copyright by Henk Meijer.
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