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1000 Piece Puzzle. Southern Elephant Seal bulls in mock fight in

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Southern Elephant Seal bulls in mock fight in molting season, Falkland Islands. antarctic, antarctica, behavior, big, blubber, bull, carnivore, display, elephant seal, falkland islands, fat, fight, fighting, harem, hemisphere, huge, large, martin zwick, mirounga leonina, nose, pecking order, pinniped, polar, proboscis, sea lion island, seal, sexual …

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Speaking in Penguin Tongue Neko Harbour, Antarctica: Neko Harbour is home to a large penguin colony and also one of the oldest British bases.  Once you depart the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, your cheap Antarctica cruise will take you to this popular Antarctica attraction.  This is also the …

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Pacific islanders were first to find Antarctica, says study

This News provided by Diplomatic 24. WELLINGTON: Polynesian seafarers likely reached Antarctica hundreds of years before the Western explorers usually credited with discovering the frozen continent, a new study has concluded. New Zealand researchers scoured so-called “grey literature” — including oral records, historic indigenous artworks and non-academic sources — looking …

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