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Warm ocean speeds ice melt in Antarctica – Futurity

Researchers examined the entry to one of three cross-shelf passages in the Amundsen Sea that allow warm oceanic water to reach beneath the ice shelves in front of the Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers, which show the fastest thinning. They found a year-long persistent inflow of warm bottom water along …

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Rare Flipped Iceberg

By Alex Cornell // Almost 90% of any given iceberg is below the surface, making iceberg flips extremely rare. While in Antarctica, I was lucky enough to witness an iceberg flip, revealing a strangely translucent, alien-green underside that’s completely free of snow and debris.

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1000 Piece Puzzle. Southern fur seal bull, Antarctic Peninsula

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Southern fur seal (Arctocephallus gazella) adult roaring, barking, with its mouth open, Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Southern Ocean. 86177129, animal body part, animal hair, animal head, antarctic fur seal, antarctic ocean, antarctic peninsula, antarctica, aquatic, arctocephallus gazella, mouth open, southern fur seal, southern ocean. Image supplied by …

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