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Back in the Big City

I hardly ever travel into London these days, but was there yesterday afternoon for a meeting. This shot of the Houses of Parliament was on my walk back to Waterloo station – I’d forgotten how spectacular the city can look.

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Small Boats in a Big City

Rabat, Morocco. A city of contradictions. Old and new. Rubble and majesty. These small fishing boats seem out of place juxtaposed with the giant construction cranes in the distance.

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Baymax Balloon Big Hero 6 Times Square 2014 NYC 0666

Baymax Balloon Big Hero 6 Times Square Friday 11/07/2014 Police car AD movie film poster computer animation 2014 NYC cartoon character yellow cabs balloon robot android New York City Disney Anime androids droid Michelin Man Stay Puft marshmallow man Macys Day type parade balloon guy strike rat moon man astronaut …

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