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Akihabara, um, playing houses.

Seven storeys of Sega game arcade, and seven storeys of "media risaikuru".* The latter means mostly comics and DVDs, starting from kids’ shows on the ground floor, bikini idols on the first, and ascending from risque to obscene with each higher floor. The top floor is not for the faint-hearted. …

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Marrakech – Place Djemaa El Fnaa

Copyright © 2012 Ruggero Poggianella Photostream. All rights reserved. Please, do not use my photos without my written permission. Please note that the fact that "This photo is public" doesn’t mean it’s public domain or a free stock image. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. If you wish to use any …

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Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla hosts a wide array of Baroque architecture, including several stunning palaces and churches.The Cathedral of San Giorgio was built starting in 1738 by architect Rosario Gagliardi, in substitution of the temple destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, and of which only a Catalan-Gothyic style portal can still be seen. …

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Baymax Balloon Big Hero 6 Times Square 2014 NYC 0666

Baymax Balloon Big Hero 6 Times Square Friday 11/07/2014 Police car AD movie film poster computer animation 2014 NYC cartoon character yellow cabs balloon robot android New York City Disney Anime androids droid Michelin Man Stay Puft marshmallow man Macys Day type parade balloon guy strike rat moon man astronaut …

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