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Insidious Dimensions

I think this is about as dark as my photography has ever gotten for the Dark City Deutschland collection, but I like to experiment and push boundaries; comfort zones are for the uninitiated! This is a skyward LE of the commercial Novotel Tiergarten Hotel in Berlin, taken on a dreary …

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Anointing the Faithless

Back to the Dark City Deutschland, this is right outside a Church on Turmstraße in Berlin. Luckily and being that it was the early hours of the morning, there was no one around which gave me a rich opportunity to bag this shot, as usually there’s a lot of people …

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Stoop Gang

Come meet the residents of Dark City. Whether you seek good or evil, dark or light, you won’t need to venture far before you will stumble upon one of these Dark City citizen’s. What will your story be? Calling all roleplayers who are serious about it, come now… Dark City

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Sioux City, Iowa

Dark clouds fill the sky as BNSF’s L TWI667 job arrives back home in Sioux City, Iowa, finishing their trip across the former Great Northern Marshall Subdivision from Garretson, South Dakota. A single B40-8W spoils what would have been an all EMD lashup led by BNSF 100, a former Santa …

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