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закат. Vecriga, Riga, Riga

Жаль одного, что в Риге не столь берегут старые районы города, как, например, в Таллинне. Среди исторических знаковых зданий тут и там натыканы современные постройки. жж 17:36:13 DSC_3492

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Souk Medinat

A great sunset over the Medinat in Dubai, shot back in late april. This is the first location i visited while i was in Dubai. A great locaton offering many interesting views of the Burj Al Arab. Madinat Jumeirah Souk is a mall build in the authentic architecture, but inside …

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Pozzuoli began as the Greek colony of Dicaearchia (Greek: Δικαιαρχία). The Roman colony was established in 194 BC, and took the name Puteoli which it has his roots from ‘puteus’, meaning well (also used by sibyls to predict the future) and ‘osco fistulus’ (cave). An alternative etymology of Puteoli from …

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