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By the Light of the Lion

The name “Singapore” was adapted by the British from its original Malay name, “Singapura”, which means “Lion City”. I had often read books and magazines about the great Lion City, established on an island at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. I was fascinated by its history and how …

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city night light Regensburg

Oftmals zahlt sich ein bisschen Geduld, Frieren und Warten aus. Knapp eine halbe Stunde nach dem Sonnenuntergangsbild, konnte ich diese schöne Nachtansicht fotografieren. Often a little patience, freezing and waiting pays off. Almost half an hour after the sunset picture, I was able to take this beautiful night view.

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Direct line

Bangkok downtown Feel free to follow me on : FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/manjikphotography TWITTER : twitter.com/ManjikPictures 500Px : 500px.com/manjik

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Tokyo Spread

Tokyo Skytree watches over the metropolis on a cool, clear night. At 634 meters, Skytree replaces Tokyo Tower as the major site for television and radio broadcasts. Why? Because Tokyo Tower has been (sadly) out-built by skyscrapers which now block broadcast signals to the Kanto region.

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