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Cloud City

Inspired by a picture of a ‘city/cliff,’ I tried to do something like that. I really liked how it finally worked out. Inspiration here: www.toxel.com/inspiration/2008/11/01/24-memorable-adverti… (The century travel one) Stock Credits here: copypaster.deviantart.com/art/Cloud-City-102607320

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Big City Red Light

Actual photo I took about 50 years ago as a slide. I did add some perspective and brightened up the red light, but otherwise it is exactly as I photographed it. Even the sky was as overcast, polluted, and gray as it appears here. Because of the age of the …

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Church reflected

As all the pictures in my gallery, this is a FREE picture. You can download it and do whatever you want with it: share it, adapt it and/or combine it with other material and distribute the resulting works. I’d very much appreciate if you give photo credits to “Carlos ZGZ” …

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