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Jumeirah icon

Dubai, UAE I think to this shot for 4 years. At my last stay in Al Qasr, I could’nt access to this terrass. I ‘ve finally been granted 4 years later ^^ Unfortunately weather was very hazy, as usual in summer and there are a lot of Cranes for the …

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Ghosts Of Buckingham Palace

"The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now." Went for a walk around London for a couple of hours. Goddam it was busy, the pavements where chock solid with people and so was the shops. Finished off the walk at Buckingham Palace …

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Dark City II

A study of society. This shot was done specifically to address a particularly disturbing trend. I just hope the govt will not allow such degrading morals to invade Sg – just like the darkness that slowly encompass our society. I guess the best way for me to express my opinion …

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