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ZoopDog Creations

**FREE** Navigation Acts PowerPoint and graphic organizers! Visually appealing and easy to understand for your middle school students! Download your copy today!

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World Geography, Full Course Kit

Encourage your children to explore the world with this complete geography course! Introducing six geographic regions—North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania—each chapter covers 15 topics, including borders, terrain, climate, wildlife, ethnicities, government, and religions. Maps and charts enhance the lessons. Includes six softcover texts, six softcover student …

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Church of the Lutheran Confession

(CLC) considers itself to be the true spiritual descendant of the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference, which was formed in 1872 and lasted until the early 1960s. As that association of formerly conservative Lutheran church bodies in North America was drawing its last breath, the CLC was just becoming a church …

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Taproot Teacher Training ⋆ Art of Homeschooling

The Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf Homeschoolers takes place every August in Ohio! Over a lovely, long weekend in the summertime, homeschooling parents from all over North America come together to sing, create, learn, hike and play. Workshops are hands-on and explore the main lessons and lively arts that bring …

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