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City on fire.

The beautiful city of Antwerpen, Belgium. from above. with a little peek of the Scheldt river and The Cathedral of Our Lady I haven’t had the chance or scene to take many panoramic photos but ill deftly call this one a success. Though i have the feeling, that something is …

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Houston at Sunset

I’m in Houston hanging out with attorneys. Well, I am not really hanging out, but I am definitely with attorneys. I drove down from Austin a few days ago and the city has been totally overcast and kinda dull-lookin’. But tonight, a coldfront started blowing through, so I went up …

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LUGAR_CITADINO {The City, beyond limits} + {La Ciudad, más allá de los límites} 1.825 EN On the international day of photography, as Lugar_Citadino´s team, we show us a stunning piece of my hometown city, Santiago, from the main and key city viewpoint, at the Metropolitan Park of Santiago. In this …

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