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The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund, Shanghai

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Hi everybody!
It has been a while since I posted my last photo. Today I decided to post a new one. I worked a lot for my university stuff and had a lack of creativity.

Today as I decided to upload a shot I wasn’t sure which I should take until I came across my Shanghai photos. I tried to edit this shot three times before but I never really liked the outcome. Even today I am still not sure if the perspective from where I have taken the shot is the optimum.

The bad thing about my POV was that the bund was closed due to city works for the EXPO. You see, the shot is old as the Expo in Shanghai is over for quite a while.

As I sometimes do, I have a song recommendation for you. It is the hard critizised song from Coldplay – Princess of China but it fits!

Coldplay – Princess of China

In my inactive time at Flickr I browsed your streams every now and then to keep updated about your work and I have to say I am impressed to be a part of this great community and moreover a contact of yours. Your streams are awesome an I like every little detail you work into your photos!

I really hope you enjoy this piece of modern Chinese architecture!


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