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The whisper of history

The whisper of history

I was in Florence to attend a course about access and usability in digital preservation, so I had time to capture the beauty of the city only by night and before dawn – however, this is when one can find the city free of tourists… 🙂
This is a night view from Belvedere Fort, well high above the city (this view is a bit zoomed, so the perception of the elevated point of view is altered). The uproar of the teeming crowd of the tourists becomes a barely audible buzz here: history and beauty have the floor, and one can listen to what they care to whisper to the wind of the night.

This photograph is available in Alamy

I have blended two HDR images derived from a 3-bracketing, -1.67 ev/0/+1.67 ev, tonemapped with Mantiuk06 and Fattal operators.

Luminance HDR 2.4.0 tonemapping parameters:
Operator: Mantiuk06
Contrast Mapping factor: 0.65
Saturation Factor: 0.48
Detail Factor: 1.6
PreGamma: 0.39

Operator: Fattal
alpha: 1.28
beta: 0.92
saturation: 0.56
noiseredux: 0
fftsolver: 1

pregamma: 1

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